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95,000 Miles and 1482 Counties & 43 States Barked from.

Contact Information for Your Use

  • My Email address is Dennis@d-mason.net.
  • Susan's Email address is s.mason@d-mason.net
  • Home phone is 831.425.3991
  • Susan's Cell Phone Number is 831.818.7407, This is the best
  • Dennis's Cell Phone Number is 831.421.2991




To follow along Click here to see where we are using a different map base and info,
also has auto-update turned on, this should be your first Option.

Or Click here to see where we are, this is the OLD WAY.

New:  Movie on County Hunting as in Ham Radio,  Click here.

This Movie does take a bit to load, so have patience.


All the slide show pictures are from County Hunting trips where we transmited from Countys in those States.

Pictures of the San Francisco Boat Trip on May 29, 2010

Pictures have been updated as of 01-13-10 of the Florida Trip.

Pictures of the Dec 2010 Slide Show


 December 2007 Wyoming Trip,Slide Show    Jan 2010 Florida Trip,Slide Show 
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